«About Murakami»


I have heard diverse opinions about Murakami, and although I do believe he is a great writer I do not think he is one of the greatest of our times, he is not even near that select group.
And it is difficult to say that as he is the one that freed Japanese Literature of Kawabata, Oe, and Mishima’s tradition. Murakami refreshed their ideas and now, Japanese novels focus no more on exalting the past not polluted by other cultures, that wonderful past that marvels me, but it goes astray of it and lands in the near past and present, that present that many people want to live in. He dared to challenge those three pillars and apparently he won, and bot only in Japan, but his success was worldwide. He could manage to mix pop culture with a growing country full of mysteries. And for a sole man to do that he has gained the respect he deserves.
Unfortunately with the fame he obtained came the fans, both good and bad ones. I do despise the bad ones as they seem to care only for his work to be recognized with a Literature Nobel Prize, not believing worthy anyone else; and that is despicable. Maybe he will win that prize someday, but as far as I am concerned, in a globalized world as ours, there are many writers that today deserve that prize more than he does.



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