Power of Geometry – Using area in continuous probability


Math Snippets

We encounter probability everywhere in our life. From estimating the chances of our teachers catching us dozing off in class to the probability of us meeting Ariana Grande on the streets, probability is inherent in our daily lives.

The inspiration of this introduction of using geometry in probability came to me just this afternoon. I was walking towards the bus stop when 2 buses (that share the same route) sped past me, back to back. (It was a horrible looking at them cruise past me just like that, but that’s another story all together.) 2 girls in front of me also noticed this and one of them asked the other a question which I thought was interesting. She asked what the probability (of the 2 buses going to the same bus stop back to back happening) was. After which, she attempted to suppose the condition that if 3 buses were to be employed…

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